Power Yoga Canarias

It’s a lifestyle and a free Yoga!!! 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ 4 minutes walk from Poem Suites It is rooted in traditional methods but unlike them it does not adhere to any rigid rules, giving room for creativity and enjoyment. Discover, learn, investigate, feel without judgement or prejudice the perfect blend of tradition […]

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Farándula Restaurant

Not all clowns make you laugh! 🤡💃🏻😈 Welcome to the city’s most macabre Circus, located in the C.C. Las Arenas. Enjoy incredible dishes with km0 products, turning them into an exquisite menu. Both the decoration, its essence and its gastronomy will leave you speechless. If you wish to consult their […]

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Swimming pools of La Laja

Only 12 minutes away by car! These pools are very popular with the locals, who come here to do their laps.They have been built by man and their shapes are less natural, but we loved the atmosphere and the views over the horizon.You could see regulars and acquaintances greeting each […]

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Hawai Poké

Poké is a delicious and healthy dish typical of Hawaii. Want to know a secret? At Hawaii Poké we use the highest quality fresh produce for our Poké Bowls…and they taste like it! This wonderful Poké can be found in Las Canteras Beach, very close to us. It’s a great […]

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