Sioux City Park

The fun at Sioux City Park never stops!

In Sioux City Park, you can explore an authentic Western town with details such as a church, a sheriff’s office, a blacksmith shop and a saloon. The main street of the village is flanked by a school, a barber shop, a recruiting office and, at the end, a church and a cemetery. You will also find a Mexican village and an Indian reservation. The lounge plays country music and the doors are open to serve food and drink.

You will also be able to witness the passage of cattle and herds of wild horses. In addition, at the show, world-record artists perform impressive demonstrations of knife throwing and lasso throwing. On weekends, enjoy the Barbecue Buffet, the Country Clown and the Foam Fiesta.

It is located in Gran Canaria, on the south coast, at approximately 40 minutes by car from the capital, you can also choose to take a bus.

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